Expandable Liner - Question

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Expandable Liner - Question

Postby Brent2666 » Mon 07 Mar, 2022 11:12

Hi, I have a Doughboy above ground pool and am trying to locate a replacement liner with the following dimensions:

21' x 41' above ground pool (Doughboy Silver Lake)
52" wall height
Expandable - (greatest depth is 7')
Overlap fastening

Apparently, Doughboy manufactured liners are hard to find so the only liner I can find is a custom order through Swimline that is expandable up to 72" (6'). My greatest depth at the deep end of the pool is 84" (7').

If I order this replacement liner through Swimline, will an installer be able to fit the liner to my existing pool dimensions barring the difference in depth height?

Thanks in advance for any advice or point me to additional resources to solve my problem.

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