Twisted liner in 10 ft section on wall

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Twisted liner in 10 ft section on wall

Postby Aydiejake » Sun 22 Jul, 2012 17:49

We recently removed a 30x 54 pool from a location and set it up at our home. May I add that we should have hired someone, but it is too late now and we are over our head. (No pun intended) we had the bottom ring level, and when my husband and I began to manhandle the rolled up wall, the ring shifted. My husband adjusted it back and screwed it down. The liner went up just fine. It is a beaded liner. My husband has been able to get all of the wrinkles from the bottom but one he is still working on it. All of the seems look straight and the liner is pushed against the cove. We bagan to fill it. After getting 2 ft of water in it, a 10 ft section of the wall has started to twist. We do not know what to do at this point. We have stopped filling until we figure something out. I have read that a vacuum should be used. Is that just for in ground pools? Any tips or advice will help. We do not want to ruin this liner or the pool. I should add the liner is brand new. And it is on a bed of sand.

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Twisted liner in 10 ft section on wall

Postby CGPoolman » Mon 23 Jul, 2012 10:24

I haven't done very many above ground pool installs, but if you are seeing a twist in the wall when the pool is filling - it could be the weight of the water is making the wall shift. Make sure the liner in that area has plenty of sand underneath it and the water weight is not "pulling" the liner down causing the wall to flex. You may also want to take measurements at different points of the pool to make sure it measures the same all the way around. If the framework is out of whack it will definitely cause issues while filling the pool.

Using a vacuum to help in setting the liner is always a good idea. I use a shop vac and drop the hose between the liner and the wall using the opening for the skimmer. This will suck most of the air out and help you get a snug fit while filling the pool.

Sorry I can't be of more assistance, I'm sure someone with more above ground knowledge will read this and be able to shed more light for you.


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