Liner issues and problems installing or
maintaining above ground swimming pools.


Postby Jamie » Thu 29 Jun, 2006 18:27

My pool seems like its sinking. There are indents every so often throughout it. Like little holes. Whats happening? I have a vinyl lined pool.



Postby 6stringslinger » Thu 27 Jul, 2006 09:40

I've been waiting to see a reply to this problem.
I have the same thing going on with my pool.
There aren't any leaks, just little dimples, and trails that are sunk in.
My professional installer thought possibly moles underneath.
Like you, I'm still waiting for a sensible explanation.


Postby Rgross » Sat 05 Aug, 2006 10:16

I too have sinking spots in my pools. I have problems with moles and crawdads in my yard. When we installed it 7 years ago they put hot lime under the sand before they put the liner in. Well that didnt help. I guess I just have to replace the liner.

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