Installing floor drain in vinyl liner

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Installing floor drain in vinyl liner

Postby freemp31 » Mon 12 Aug, 2013 08:42

Installing a floor drain in a vinyl pool. The drain kit is in 2 parts, the body and the cover, and comes with 2 x neoprene washers to sandwich (one presumes) either side of the liner.
The question is: do I also need to glue them in place? They come with a sticky face (double-sided tape) which I assumed would be enough, but the leaflet with the drain (which covers about 5 different models) shows pvc glue as one of the installation 'needs'

So, do I glue, and if so, is pvc pipe glue ok with neoprene rubber?

many thanks


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Installing floor drain in vinyl liner

Postby CGPoolman » Mon 12 Aug, 2013 15:19


You are correct - one washer goes on either side of the liner.

The PVC glue is to glue the pipes together when you run the plumbing for the drain. To hold the gasket in place there are several things you can use. Keep in mind, there might come a day when you have to replace that gasket, and you won't want to spend your day scraping off the old one. So, I wouldn't go too crazy gluing it on. You can use scotch tape, or even a thin strip of duct tape to hold it in place while you secure the liner into position. Once the pool starts to fill, the water weight will keep everything in place just fine so you can install the top parts of the drain.

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Re: Installing floor drain in vinyl liner

Postby tcpuccio1 » Sun 29 May, 2016 21:23

X2 on the scotch tape to hold the gasket in place on top of the drain. once you have about 1-2" of water in the liner and the wrinkles out you can then put the inside trim ring on you will be able to feel the holes though the liner put the screws through the trim ring and once all of the screws are in you can then cut the hole out and put the vortex plate/grate in.

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