upright heaved during the winter

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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upright heaved during the winter

Postby tcpuccio1 » Sun 29 May, 2016 21:34

I need some help. I have a 12X18 skinny oval pool. it's in it's 3'rd summer right now have not had an issue with the pool till now. this past winter at the one end of the oval the center end post heaved up almost 1-1/2" I built a deck over the top of the pool 2 summers ago. Now the post is touching the bottom of the decking. when I built the deck the pool was about 2" below the deck on ether end of the deck the pool is still about 1 1/2" above the pool but that center post is touching the bottom of the decking. the pool wall is not damaged at all none of the top rails are damaged. The upright is not bent or wrinkled but when I stand on the other side of the pool I can see that post is up in the air it's not that the deck sunk in the middle it the pool heaved. how can I fix this? dig out under the concrete block that the base plate is sitting on at the bottom of the post and under the bottom coping? The liner is fine to the pool has a beaded snap in liner. what is my best plan of attack here? I'm a super handy guy no task is too big form me. I built the pool and it was a HUGE PITA with all the skinny oval parts. braces and straps etc.. this is not on one of those sides where the skinny pat it. it's on the end of the pool round side not the side of the pool . thanks in advance guys and gals. :thumbup:

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