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Ester Williams pool liner

Postby phillytony1 » Sat 25 Jun, 2016 01:14

I have a 16x32 Ester Wiliams pool I bought the house w the pool it originally had a 48 in liner {deep} my wife ordered a new liner from a company online they told her that the liner would fit its a 16x32 rectangular but Ester Williams pools have a radius in the corners [it cuts the square corner off] the radius is 8 inches we were told that the square corner liner that we were sent would work if we used bead lock, does anyone know if this is true I dont want to embark on this if the liner wont fit any help anyone can give me on this issue would be greatly apprieciated .P.S the liner we were sent was $300 i called them up and they said if i wanted the radius liner it would cost $700 Thank You

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