Pool liner coming off in the corners

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Pool liner coming off in the corners

Postby Violet1234 » Wed 03 Aug, 2016 15:21

Hi all , I am new!!
Looking for advice , I have a new pool, we have been swimming for just 4 days , and the liner has come out of 2 corners , it has been put back today , but we feel the liner is to small , how would we know that? It looks very taut and stretched .
Thank you

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Re: Pool liner coming off in the corners

Postby odbob » Thu 04 Aug, 2016 02:46

Hi, the liner should obviously be very taught, that said, the liner coming off at the corners, (has it come away with the liner lock, or come out of the lock?) simply should not happen, did you install it, or was it a company, if the latter, then they should return and do the job they were paid for.

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