Wall buckles while filling 27 round AG

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Wall buckles while filling 27 round AG

Postby Mjf » Sat 29 Apr, 2017 19:13

Just put up a new 27 round mighty sun pool with swim line beaded liner. Leveled blocks with transit level. Pool within 1/4 inch of level. Transit was leveled at 360 degrees. New liner is very tight and after filling above cove wall will buckle at uprights. All the uprights ! Then at about 10 inches of water the wall will come out of the top track. I have installed three pools with beaded liners in the past without a issue and replaced several liners all beaded over the years without issue. This is by far the tightest liner I have ever installed. A vacuum will not pull liner to the wall. Liner has pulled wall out of track twice now. Liner was installed in 85 degree weather today with little sun.slowly filled starting yesterday and turned hose off last night. Started filling today again and wall came out of track after wall buckled. Any suggestions ? :(

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