Frayed power cord to saltwater filter system.

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Frayed power cord to saltwater filter system.

Postby Cathy » Tue 08 Aug, 2017 15:40

I was so excited to get this intex above ground pool for my 4 year old niece. She went camping with her Grandparents and went swimming for the first time in a big pool. She was so excited! Someone I know was selling this pool because she could not take care of it easily anymore. I was really happy to buy it from her. Well...... now almost two months in, I am so frustrated and ready to cry. It has been nothing but trouble and a money pit as well as terribly time consuming! With every tiny step forward there are several more problems. We finally fixed the 6 liner leaks. All holding well. Now the highest hose area for the saltwater filter is leaking and I could not stop the leak and I have put it on so tightly that I can't get it off to replace it. Now I have the saltwater filter system on the porch, I was going to plug it in to make sure it is working and how. Well the powercord was wrapped up badly with tape. So I unwrapped it to try and replace the cord or fix it well. The cord Iis terribly frayed and exposed in that place. The person I got the pool from grudgingly admitted that her husband ran over the cord with the lownmower. But she is assuring me that the pump works fine despite this and I may just need to re wrap the powercord! I am so frustrated and I think my husband is ready to Devore me over this pool. I was thinking in desperation maybe I could use flex seal spray to coat the exposed part of the wire, unplugged of course. I need to be sure no water can get in. I don't want throw any more money at this pit. But I am determined that the monster is together enough fore the little time of hot weather we have left to be able to use it a little, after all I have been through. I refuse to give up now! Any ideas would be appreciated! I just want to cry! Don't buy a used pool from anyone! Buy a new one, it not worth the struggle, money or heartache to do it this way. Trust me!

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Re: Frayed power cord to saltwater filter system.

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 08 Aug, 2017 16:10

Don't patch it replace it, if need be wth waterproof connections

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