winterize easy set pool

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Postby I Can Do It! » Sun 18 Sep, 2011 11:31

pool kid wrote:easy set pools are junk

My last Inset pool lasted nine years. My pump failed two years ago and I repaired it with a $12.00 part from an electric motor shop. I was born post depression period, late 40's, and I never had much as a kid. As an adult I have always fixed or repaired my stuff and work to keep it in good shape. Intex pools can be a great inexpensive choice for a cool soak on a HOT day!


winterize easy set pool

Postby HeatherinOH » Sun 18 Sep, 2011 14:09

Our family lives in SW Ohio where we've had various types of winters, but definitely lots of ice storms and snow. We're on our 2nd metal-framed pool now because it's a perfect size for our kids, and if they want to dive - there are several in-ground pools in the neighborhood. The last Easy-Set lasted 5 years, and we did NOT baby it. We left it up every winter, did not winterize it, or cover it, I hate to say. We would drain it to a foot or so, and remove the pump/hoses, then completely drain, clean and refill in the late spring. But our water bills are not too high here. The frame held up very well, as did the liner. Every year, we would have a few pinholes that needed patching which was easy. This last summer, the liner had finally become "threadbare" down to where we let the water drain - which was a couple feet from the top, unfortunately. It was strange! Definitely affected by UV and temperature. For this new pool, we are going to use the chemicals and attempt to cover - which is why I'm on here :) Good luck to all!

Re: winterize easy set pool

Postby csoliz » Mon 11 Jul, 2016 03:16

We left our pool up all winter through a very cold winter in KC but aside from a good cleaning and some staining from leaves from the sun, the inflatable ring stayed inflated all winter. No damage to the pool at all. Used a power washer and some mild scrubbing with a good mildew cleaner and pool seems fine. Buying a pool float this year and better cover and will drain any water off to prevent cover from sagging. In an area where nothing will touch it so hoping it survives another winter. We love our little Bestway 12 by 36" pool. Any suggestions for chemical prep would be appreciated.

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