buckling of pool wall

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buckling of pool wall

Postby jusjon51 » Sat 10 Mar, 2007 06:13

living up north with the cold snap we had our a/g pool that I paid to have closed has buckled around the skimmer just wondering how much trouble am I looking at :?: any advice or experiences are really appericated thanks john


still need help

Postby jusjon51 » Fri 30 Mar, 2007 18:30

anyone :)
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Postby Demons1964 » Sat 31 Mar, 2007 18:41

The weakest part in the wall in above-ground pools is the skimmer cutout. So if it is going to buckle that's where it will be. Minor buckles occur during installation on a regular basis on the bottom of the wall, but the key point here is "minor". Large buckles can mean a puncturing of the liner. Post a photo of the buckled section and I'll see if the wall is able to be fixed.


Postby jusjon51 » Sun 08 Apr, 2007 11:06

dont know how to upload here

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