how to figure pool size

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I'm new here
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how to figure pool size

Postby phils94850 » Sat 19 May, 2007 21:06

i purchased a used pool ( swim n play brand )and the person said it was a 18' round by 48 deep. the pool wall is a little over 47". when i tried to install today i cant get the walls to match so i can bolt it together. it keeps coming up about 5 inches too short. It seems like the pool is smaller than 18'. i measured out 9' and placed a stake in the center and measured from the stake to each block and it came out 9' all the way around. When i install my pool wall though iit keeps coming up short and i cant bolt it together. does anyone know how i can figure up the correct size of my pool ? the person i bought it from doesnt have the old paperwork. plz help ...

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby lwquinn » Sun 03 Jun, 2007 13:22

We had the same problem. As it turns out our 24' round pool was actually 23' 8 1/2".

c=d*3.14 therefore....

unroll the sidewall of your pool and measure it first. Divide that amount by pi (or 3.14) to find the true diameter. Divide the diameter by 2 to get the radius.
Then set your pavers accordingly.
we foolishly believed that the radius of our 24 foot pool was 12 feet. We set the pavers and measured meticulously all the while laboring under the false assumption that the pool was in fact 24'.

All things being equal, whatever is left.....

surely enough we came up with a true diameter of 23' 8 1/2 inches and a radius of 11' 10 1/4". Now the pool is round. The edges closed perfectly and the liner went in uneventlfully.
I wish there was a way to have known this in the first place

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