Purchasing a Pool for the First Time

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Purchasing a Pool for the First Time

Postby justcyn777 » Mon 21 May, 2007 12:25

I've never owned a pool other than the $6 one at Wal-Mart and I'm scared, to put it blountly. I dont know which ones are better named brands or over priced. I got a quote today from a local company and this is it:

18ft ISLAMORADA 52" Wall + Installation
35 Year Warranty
J-Hook Liner, Ladder, 1.5 HP Pump, 200-lb Sand Filter
Maintenance Kit, StartUp Chemicals, Hard Plumbing, Nut Grass Killer,
Polaris Turbo Turtle, Sand & Blocks

Total Price is $3752.12

I dont know if thats good or over priced. Could someone help me decide what to do? Thanks in advance!


Postby Guest » Mon 21 May, 2007 15:47

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