in ground pool liner is slipping

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in ground pool liner is slipping

Postby THEDRIVER » Mon 24 Sep, 2007 17:42

my friend has an inground pool ...rectangular with steps at one end the problem is the liner is pulling away from the step end. how can this be corrected short of completely draining the pool to restrech the liner?


Postby Guest » Tue 13 May, 2008 17:45

im wondering the same sort of thing..i just bought a house with an inground pool and 2 corners and one side have come down. i was told by 2 people that you use boiling water to pour on it and it will then be easy to stretch back up and secure. i was told not to drain the pool to leave it as is which is where it is left after being closed for winter...anyone know if this is the right thing to do?

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