Which pump/filter to get?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Which pump/filter to get?

Postby dj_mike » Fri 04 Apr, 2008 16:04

Hi all,

Last summer I purchased an Intex 18' round by 48" deep metal frame pool. We absolutely love the pool, except for the pump/filter. The one that it came with is a joke. It claims to move 1500gph. I doubt that seriously. My real problem is with the filter and filter media itself. Whenever I try to vacuum the dirt from the bottom of the pool (kids like to go in after running around barefoot in the yard), the filter gets dirty really quickly. The return water contains dirt and I have to stop and change or rinse the filter every 5 minutes or so.

I want to get a better pump/filter. What should I look at cartridge, sand, or DE? What size would I need, etc.

Thanks in advance,



Postby Guest » Mon 07 Apr, 2008 09:38

Anyone??? :?:

Postby Guest » Mon 07 Apr, 2008 19:11

You're never gonna get a better filter.

You'd be better off buying an AG pool.

I know it's not what you wanna here but it's true.

Postby Guest » Tue 08 Apr, 2008 08:03

What's the difference? My pool sits above ground...

Pump and Filter

Postby wapoolguy » Tue 08 Apr, 2008 18:01

Good luck finding a pump and filter with the same fittings as the one that came with the pool.

IF and i stress IF the pool has 1 1/2 inch fittings you can use a Doughboy pump and filter system. Be prepared though, it will probably run you about $550 for the whole setup.

Or you can get a Predator II made by Pentair, it is a cartridge filter, but i dont typically reccomend a cartridge for so much water. You will be buying new filters all the time and they are more expensive than the filters you are using now.

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