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looking for tips

Postby car » Tue 20 May, 2008 20:01

St-Jérome, PQ, Canada
Winter was very tough in my area. Lost my above-ground resine and metal pool to the 8 feet of snow that covered my backyard and the 7 feet of snow that felt on it from the roof.!!!

Looking to replace it with an inflatable one (cheaper), since sons will soon leave home to fly on their own and house will be sold within 2-3 years.

Any tips? Can we install it on the sand base used for the above ground pool. It would have to be very carefully and precisely levelled up since there is a slop towards the center where the bottom drain was (french 'drain de fond').

Why can't I find an 18 feet diameter x 52 inches high inflatable one?
Are the Intex Ultra-frame metal ones reliable (18' x 52''), I'm hesitant about its reliability since my collapsed one lasted 11 winters and kids could jump, make bombs, make the water spin without problems but could not dive. Most neightbors also lost their pools to that exceptional heavy winter snow.


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