Installing 21 x 41 AG overlap liner and need HELP!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Installing 21 x 41 AG overlap liner and need HELP!

Postby waterboy2B » Thu 24 Jul, 2008 07:34

Okay, so I've leveled and rechecked, I've measured and rechecked, I've packed down the sand. I got some friends to help me put in the liner and got the first 2" of water in. Worked virtually all wrinkles out of the pool. Smooth sailing up to here.

But now I notice that the bottom seal is riding high on the coving on the sides of the pool, but it dips down to the bottom of the coving at both ends. Everything appears symmetrical, but both ends seem pretty tight and I'm not entirely confident the liner will stretch out to fill this space, and am also not sure I have enough overlap to get the job done. I measured the length of the bottom seam, end to end and came up with 39' 8"! Not sure whether to continue filling or what to do next.

Anyone have any suggestions? :(

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