Wall rusted through

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Wall rusted through

Postby pamatt » Fri 30 Apr, 2010 11:07

We have a 24' above ground pool, 52" deep, sand filter and 1hp pump assy. This pool was installed Sept. 07 and discovered a rust hole approxamately the size of a penny with a split in the liner leaking water through the rust hole. After consulting with the pool company, the wall manufacturer is sending us a new wall. This hole is opposite of the ladder, in-between the support posts and really only appeared this spring. Judging by the rust, it seems as if it had been rusting for some time but I can't determine if the liner caused it or if it was a manufacturing issue. We are being told that we are going to be held responsible (financially) for a new liner, draining and reflling the pool and anything else. The pool company is willing to help with the labor cost and we can get a new liner at cost ($150). I guess my question would be is it worth paying to have it rebuilt or should we go after the wall manufacturer for all the associated costs? My wife is at the point of scrapping the whole pool but I'm not up for it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Wall rusted through

Postby Guest » Mon 10 May, 2010 21:43

I am in the same situation...apparently when pool first installed, 2years ago, husband tore liner at bottom when putting in ladder. Today while attempting to open pool, found a 2inch in diameter rust spot that has a pin whole leak on outside of wall. Pool is still completely full of water, shouldn't last much longer. I filed my claim with the warranty company today and sent pictures, also filed with home owners policy. Of course I filed with home owners before realizing that water could go behind liner and cause rust in that one area. Warranty company has stated that I would hear from them in two weeks. My question is how do they replace one wall panel? Good luck with your pool...keep me posted. Kim

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