Installing new Pool

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Installing new Pool

Postby kawab » Sun 16 May, 2010 15:58

We are attempting to put up a new pool. We lost ours last year in a tornado...We got the walls up and put the liner in. It was a really tight to get the liner in the track. It is stretched to the max and is away from the walls in spots about 2 or more inches. As we started to fill the pool the walls in some spots are bowing in. It doesnt appear that the liner is stretching. I ordered the liner last fall and it has been in the box on a shelf in the garage. Could this be the problem... also the weather has not been good it was overcast and around 60 degrees. We have stopped filling the pool and are hoping for sunshine tomorrow so that the liner will stretch a little... Does anyone have any suggestions. Should we continue to fill it will the sides pop back out or do you think it will wrinkle... We put our last pool up and had no issues with the liner at all. Of course it was sunny and warm and we were able to spread the liner out in the sunshine for a bit before we hung it. I read on here that warm water would help stretch it. Should I pour warm water on the spots where the walls are bowing? I need some help...really dont want to loose this pool too.


I'm new here
I'm new here
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Installing new Pool

Postby Smack » Sun 23 May, 2010 19:41

Is the liner the correct size? It is recommended the liner be warm for installation. I kept mine indoors until it was time to install it. It should relax under the warm sun - but if it is wrong size you may have an issue?
Just sharing my thoughts as I am new to this as well - Pool installed on the 19th with problems :shock:

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