Pool losing water but no leaks found

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Pool losing water but no leaks found

Postby b8tes2 » Fri 20 Oct, 2017 09:11

My small (approx. 5K gal.) IG fiberglass pool is losing water at a rate of about 4" in 24 hours. A leak detection company check the pool and all the lines and the only leak found was behind the light. A company came out and replaced the light (which needed replacing) and used a marine grade epoxy to seal the leak. It is no longer leaking according to a dye test. The pool is still losing water regardless if the pump is on or off. I read that sometimes the backwash line can be leaking even when the pump is on filter. Is that a possibility? We don't have to hook up a backwash hose as it is piped. I don't know where it goes as we are just renting the house. However, there is a spot in the yard about 30 yards from the pump that is always very wet. We are completely perplexed here. Any ideas what could be causing it?

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Re: Pool losing water but no leaks found

Postby Denniswiseman » Fri 20 Oct, 2017 11:30

If you continue to let the water leak does it stop somewhere you can then identify the height of the leak
What is the position of your pump and filter in relation to the pool. If it's above the pool you won't lose any water when it's off
The spider gasket could be faulty in your MPV allowing water to escape but only when the pump is running
That wet spot in the yard could be the culprit and would be worth investigating. There may be old pipework not being used which is leaking
Another source if you have a main drain is the hydrostatic relief valve which is fitted in the main drain
If you are renting this property surely it's your landlords responsibility to sort this out

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