Bestway 24x12 floor leak

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Bestway 24x12 floor leak

Postby Friedgoat » Mon 22 Jun, 2020 16:43

So I just started filling this bestway and I’m at about 1/3 full, I spotted water coming out from under the pool. What’s the best way to locate and repair underwater?
I’m in the U.K. and ideally would like to be able to go to to a shop and pick something up to repair it from a brick and mortar.

My main worry is will a leak make the pool structurally unsound? I’ve stopped filling as it’s now bedtime and I’m not going to risk it tearing whilst I sleep. But I’m losing water...

Advice would be great thanks.

Video of leak ... 121898039/

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