Should I worry? High cracks, Bromine, Concrete

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Should I worry? High cracks, Bromine, Concrete

Postby mknmike » Sat 17 Jul, 2021 01:52

Two weeks of ownership, and we are swimming instead of staring at a swamp. Kids are splashing and having fun.

I’ve got my overflow plugged because my skimmer door gets jammed. It’s maybe 1” high and the fixture is totally covered in water and the level holds there.

Im waiting for my pool guy to get time to install the 17 4.25x4.25” tiles I cleaned off after scooping them out of the bottom of the pool. In addition to that hole in the pool, there are gaps around the tops of all the tiles. So I know it all needs to come off and be redone. But I am wondering if we can just enjoy the pool for the summer not worrying about the cracks, or if the water that a few hours of splashing a day puts on the concrete, and the bromine in the water is going to further dissolve the concrete structure of our pool that looks like It was installed in the 1950’s, maybe 70 years old now.

I am looking at paying maybe $1000 to finish out this first summer for a temporary fix. We will have to lower the waterline a few inches below the tiles, but at least now we can swim in the water while working on the pool. I (not anyone) was not going to get into that old swamp water.

The $1000 fix might even hold us over a year, or two or three. Who knows. There are spots that need paint in addition to the tile though.

We are just excited to have a usable pool and I want to make sure I don’t destroy it.

I could not find any information on whether the bromine is as bad or worse than chlorine on the concrete. It would be nice to hear that bromine is not too bad on concrete.

I wonder if I could pick up some caulk and DIY a few of the cracks at the tops of the tiles. I figure any prevention of water getting behind the tiles would be good, but would like to wait for the pros if I’m not disintegrating my concrete.

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