Mystery leak/s

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Mystery leak/s

Postby HarbourNZ » Sun 20 Nov, 2022 03:10

We have recently refinished our concrete block/ fibre glass lined pool using a chlorine rubber epoxy paint. Prior to this the pool had sat empty for at least 3 years. Pool is probably about 25 years old but in good structural condition. There were no large visible cracks and aside from some crumbling around the stairs (which we repaired using cemix). There didn’t appear to be any issues with the surface. New plumbing, pump and filter also installed. Within 24hrs of being filled and having the filter /pump going we realised we were losing water… approx 2-3 inches over a 12 hour period. The water level quickly dropped below skimmer and inlet pipes so have ruled those out as cause. A week later we are still losing water but it has slowed significantly to approx 1-3cm over a 24 hr proud. We have attempted dye tests but haven’t found any obvious leaks. We can’t see where the water is ending up ( no damp ground etc) . The pool had about a foot of water in it for about 8 days before we filled and didn’t loose any water so we are assuming the leak isn’t on the ground/ bottom edges. What are we missing here? Dye testing not helping. Would emptying and doing another layer of the epoxy be worth trying ??? What else can we try?

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Re: Mystery leak/s

Postby Teapot1 » Mon 21 Nov, 2022 01:48

Have you got a light in the pool?
I may not give you the answer you want to hear, but I will give an honest opinion of your situation as you decribe it.
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Re: Mystery leak/s

Postby Denniswiseman » Mon 21 Nov, 2022 03:12

Or a main drain?

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