leak at return jet

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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leak at return jet

Postby dale » Wed 27 Dec, 2023 13:37

I have a 22,000 gallon inground pool with a vinyl liner. It has developed a leak at one of the return jets by the stairs. when I bought the house two years ago the liner was supposedly less than a year old. It looks like the previous owner had tried to patch a leak there with some kind of putty. I had no problems last year with a leak but this summer it started leaking and has gotten worse as the year went on. It stopped losing water when the jet became partially exposed which is why I think that is where the problem is. What can I use to seal the leak? I found an epoxy product for pools, but it was not for vinyl pools.

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Re: leak at return jet

Postby Teapot1 » Thu 28 Dec, 2023 03:20

Its very tricky to recommend anything without actually seeing the leak either in person or a photo. If you suspect that is the leak point then a bit of leak tracing dye would confirm it and its exact position.
Normal sort of repairs are patches and these can be clear patches so not really visible. Anderson make a tough clear patch material but there are several on the market now for inflatable toys etc. Otherwise a specialist modified polymer sealant, sorry dont know what you would have available but Sika make a range. Never silicon as once used nothing will stick to the surface again.
I may not give you the answer you want to hear, but I will give an honest opinion of your situation as you decribe it.

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