Leaking at fiber light?

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Leaking at fiber light?

Postby FL Gal » Sun 27 May, 2012 22:44

I have been doing the bucket test for a week now and we are losing 3/4" of water a day even after it got to below the tile and skimmer. We lose water even without the pump running.

We have the old Fiberstars single fiber light that has the illuminator assembly above ground. The lens assembly is mounted halfway down in the pool. The lens then screws onto the assembly.

I did notice that there is water and algae 2/3 the ways up inside the lens. Could this much water be leaking around the lens? I thought the fiber strand down to the lens was inside a PVC conduit leading to the above ground assembly so it doesn't seem possible to keep losing water once the conduit was full. Water level is not yet below the light yet so I am not sure if we will continue to lose water after it gets to that point.

I have ordered new o-rings for the lens and the special tool to remove the lens to fix the lens problem but they won't be here until next week. I just wonder if it is going to fix my continuing leak or do I need to look further to see where all the water is going.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Leaking at fiber light?

Postby ChuckGeo » Mon 28 May, 2012 07:34

The only way to check if the light is leaking is to dye test around the lense and fitting to see if that is where the water is flowing out. We have seen leaks at this type of light. I assume it's a gunite pool because you have tile, you could also have a leak around one of the return fittings of in the main drain sump.
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FL Gal

Leaking at fiber light?

Postby FL Gal » Mon 28 May, 2012 11:46

Thanks Chuck! Yes it is a gunite pool. I am waiting for the water to drop below the light and the returns to see if the leaking stops or at least slows then. Hoping the new lense and o-rings will fix the water from getting behind the lens and maybe fix the leak as well. If not I you are right it has to be the return lines or main drain as I have already checked all the equipment and even dug up all the pipes where right around where they go come up out the ground going to the valves.

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