Is my pump leaking underground

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Is my pump leaking underground

Postby Eliza » Fri 10 Jan, 2014 00:42

Yesterday we noticed water coming out of a seam in the driveway. Today at the same time we noticed water coming out of seam in driveway. At first we thought a cracked water line due to freezing temps but after some investigation we think the water is coming from around the pool pump.
On both days the water was observed around 4:00 pm and only at 4:00 pm which happens to be around the time our pumps turned off.
*the pump has been running pretty much 24 hrs a day due to low temps. The pump auto kicks on and stays on till the water temp is above a certain degree to prevent freezing pipes which just happens to be around 4:00 the past 2 days

My question is would it be normal for a leak in the water line/pump to occur only when the pump turns off? And any thoughts on the type of leak?

We have 18000 gal inground plaster pool. The water levels look fine however it has now started raining and will rain for next 3 days so we have no way of testing water levels

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