Pool draining slowly after backwash

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Pool draining slowly after backwash

Postby Pmack963 » Wed 04 May, 2016 18:52

I posted this question under plumbing/pipes and say there was a category for leaks so I put it here as well. My apologies if that breaks any forum rules

Hello, I have an in ground pool that is about 18,000 gallons and that I've been able to care for and balance myself without professional assistance thanks to this forum. I opened my pool about 2 weeks ago, and everything was working fine as far as I could tell.

I leave my pump off overnight, and this morning I went out and moved my sand filter to backwash, and ran the pump for about a minute, then turned off the pump, switched the filter from backwash to "filter", turned in the pump and walked away like I've done a thousand times.

3 hours later I noticed my water level had dropped about 2 inches. I noticed that the drain hose attached to the sand filter was slowly but steadily trickling out water. Not at the pace of if I had it set to 'drain' or 'backwash' but more like a kitchen sick that was left on.

Anyways I turned off the pump, moved the settings around to "drain" " backwash" etc to test it, and they seem to work fine. But for some reason the problem continues when I switch the filter back to normal.

Any ideas? I think this one may call for a professional repairman but if it's something I can try to fix myself I'm all ears. Thanks for your time

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I'm new here
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Re: Pool draining slowly after backwash

Postby daviddallastx » Sun 22 May, 2016 14:15

Most likely you need to replace the gasket inside your multiport valve. They can rip over time. It's not a terribly difficult job but can take some time to get the old gasket out.

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