Water Behind Vinyl Liner

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Water Behind Vinyl Liner

Postby jfellers » Tue 05 Jul, 2016 13:14

I have an in ground pool with a vinyl liner. It is about 9 years old. Last summer, I started to get water under the liner. Specifically, a very large bubble formed in the shallow end of the pool. I put a hose behind the liner and pumped all of the water out. I continued to do this every couple of days until we closed the pool for the winter. When I removed the cover to open the pool this summer, there was no water behind the liner. However, after opening up the pool and getting everything running, the bubble in the shallow end started to form again. I had a pool company come out and take a look and they thought that it could be a drainage issue (ground water). But that doesn't sounds right to me. It seems to me that if it was a drainage problem 1) I wouldn't experienced this long before now (nothing has changed in the last 9 years) and 2) there would've been water behind the liner when I opened up the pool. Any thoughts?

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Re: Water Behind Vinyl Liner

Postby Denniswiseman » Wed 06 Jul, 2016 08:23

Water finds it's own level so if it was ground water it would go to the deep end
Also the weight of the water in the pool should displace the ground water
Seeing as it only reoccured after you opened up It may be a leak in your pool plumbing allowing water to get behind the liner
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I'm new here
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Re: Water Behind Vinyl Liner

Postby RobertHill » Tue 06 Dec, 2016 01:02

That's really nice idea.

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