Pool leaker with pumps off

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: About 13k gallons. Tiled . In Mexico.

Pool leaker with pumps off

Postby Glenndee » Mon 11 Jul, 2016 08:30

Morning folks ! I have a puzzler for you. I have about a 13000 gallon inground concrete pool full tile in the Hot Yucatan. I have a leak of about 4 inches down to the area at the bottom of the skimmer. Sometimes lower. I have closed off all the valves and filters and pumps. Still leaks. The kicker is the leak only is noticeable when it sits 12 overnight with the pumps off. During the 12 hours during the day in the 100 plus heat I see no leak. Since I'm in the Yucatan any leak to the ground is not noticeable as it drains straight down with no evidence. Any suggestions would be appreciated .


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