Pool leak trying to find where

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Pool leak trying to find where

Postby pvplushie » Sun 14 May, 2017 18:24

ok i have a inground pool cement with looks like vinal side over the cement on the wall has 3 return jets going back on 1 1 1/2 inch tube and 2 skimmers 1 main drain each on there own pipe the main drain seems to have a clog in it from previous owners will not suction or blow thru.

The water level drops about 8 inches over night goes 4 inches below skimmer water is still above the 2 lights no visable leaks once it has dropped below 5 inches below skimmers it seems to stop losing water i have tried looking around the pool for any cracks or anything at that water level to see if it leaking from their it is leaking with the pool filter off or on no air bubbles in the pump skimmer and not pushing any bubbles out pool is 30 years old
Update: Do not know exactly what the materal is over the concrete looks like it has been painted serval times the walls are also kinda wavy

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Re: Pool leak trying to find where

Postby Denniswiseman » Mon 15 May, 2017 03:16

You can dismiss the skimmers to the pump as the water went below and you aren't getting any air pulled in on the suction side also the lights
I suspect that it is in your returns. If you can work out where the drained water level is and then work out the depth of the leak
You could also try isolating both ends of the returns and the opening them one at a time

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