Multiple small holes in vinyl liner

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Multiple small holes in vinyl liner

Postby bajaracerx » Tue 19 Sep, 2017 10:45

Had a new vinyl liner installed in spring of 2012. While installing, i noticed a number of large protruding bumps in liner.Installer told me it was the vermiculite and nothing to worry about. Started loosing water in August of 2016. Had American leak detection come out and they found 10 small leaks. they patched and advised its probably from small rocks. Started loosing water again in August 2017. Had American leak detection come out and found another 6 small holes in liner. I'm concerned this is the beginning of a bigger issue. Costs over $500 per visit to fix leaks and pool liner was $2700. Im thinking im throwing money away if i keep having small leaks.
Requested pool company come out to check liner this week.
Anyone have any ideas what could be causing these small holes in liner?
if included pictures of the protruding bumps and circled the areas of concern.
Any help is appreciated.
IMG_0965 v2.jpg
IMG_0964 v2.jpg
IMG_0962 v2.jpg

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