Can't find leak anywhere

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Can't find leak anywhere

Postby BJH » Sat 07 Oct, 2017 20:18

Hi, I'm at a loss. I have inground saltwater pool approximately 45000 litres. The water level drops dramatically overnight and stops about half a foot under the skimmer. I have had all pipes pressure tested and there is no leeks. I have had return pipes replaced as well. I had the plug at the bottom replaced. I emptied the pool and had potential cracks revealed, however the same thing is happening. Any advice from anyone would be grateful thanks

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Re: Can't find leak anywhere

Postby Teapot » Thu 19 Oct, 2017 10:05

This tricky from the view of my PC, especially as you have had professionals in to diagnose.
Do you have a light in the pool?
Looking at the level it stops leaking at (it does stop leaking if left two nights?) does that level correspond with anything else like the pump for example?
Despite having lines tested can you plug them and see what happens?

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