Fiberglass pool wall support help

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Fiberglass pool wall support help

Postby fstam2 » Wed 01 Aug, 2018 22:57

I am a Make A Wish volunteer in the Spokane, WA area and I have a wish family that is asking for a pool repair for year round use. It is a large indoor fiberglass swimming pool, 37 ft. By 15 ft. 4 ft. In the shallow end and 10ft in the deep end. The water is drained and we are prepared to start the resin, epoxy, acid, etc. My main question is how do I support the pool walls from the inside to keep them pushed out as we work in the pool?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Fiberglass pool wall support help

Postby Denniswiseman » Thu 02 Aug, 2018 02:40

A lot of fibreglass pools have a sand backfill
My son braced his with timber along the sides and timber between
Eventually you will have to remove all to finish

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