tiny leak

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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tiny leak

Postby realtyguy » Wed 30 Aug, 2006 15:52

A pool leak specialist used sonar to detect what he called a "very small leak" in a return pipe. He said there was something that sounded like "hydroflox" ??? which would effectively seal it. He said I could buy it online. Any suggestions ?


Postby Guest » Wed 30 Aug, 2006 19:23

I have not been able to verify any pipe sealant that works. You can research that product, I never heard of it.

Where is the leak? Suction or Return LIne? Is it under concrete or pavers or soemthing else?

Best thing may be to dig it up and fix it. Did he pinpoint the location for you?
I hope it is not termites! Termites do eat that felxible PVC. I keep fixing my lines and they just move to the next one or down the line. I'm in the process now of changing the flexible pvc pipe, line by line, to solid PVC - this will fix my problem. I'm lucky that I only have pavers to pull up, but its still a lot of dirt and a lot of digging. Good luck trying to find some one to help you. You can go to Anderson Swimming Pool Leak site for more tips.

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