Pump output leaking

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Pump output leaking

Postby Guest » Wed 04 Oct, 2006 12:18

I have a small leak on the output side of the pump where it joins to the PVC pipe. THe caulk(?) is leaking. How can I repair that? I think I can get to the inside of the joint by removing the pump and impeller housing.
Thanks , Jim

the pool doctor

pump leaking

Postby the pool doctor » Wed 04 Oct, 2006 19:18

cut the pvc pipe about four inches or so above leak,unscrew the fitting from pump housing,where the teflon tape has melted down from heat damage,coat the threads with red rtv silicone available at auto parts store,it can withstand much higher temperatures than teflon tape, screw the fitting back into pump and reconnect pvc pipe with appropriate joiner and glue

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