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I'm new here
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pool liners

Postby johnw » Thu 12 Oct, 2006 12:14

Type of pool , concrete construction with tileds

Just over a year ago i installed a pool. sited in southern spain which gets very hot in summer. I did not bother to much about evaporation in the summer however as the weather is now cooler it became clear that the pool was dropping around 5cm over a few days.

I decided to take action and remove water, the out come as the water emptied up to 2/3rds bubbles came up in 2 places rapidly, once I removed all water it became obviouse water was coming back up through 2 cracks at the base.

i removed most of the tiles on the floor of pool to find 3 cracks running from the centre of the pool, i made a larger hole in base of pool ( 4 cm )and water came out, this took about 5 days , no more water is returning and pool is totally dry.

I now need to repair and have been given an idea <>

1. repair floor of pool with a light water proof cement, plus water proof plaster, in spain capafina.

2. line the pool with a tile finished liner to create a seal, this would be done by a company specialising in such liners.

the most expensive would be unthinkable, the pool size
3m by 6m
and 1.5m deep.

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