Cause of "V" cuts in Liner

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Cause of "V" cuts in Liner

Postby V-Cut_Detective » Fri 03 Nov, 2006 05:27

1. Residential, InGround, 11 yrs old
2. Alot of wrinkles. 1st started a couple of yrs ago... so yes need new liner, but Im trying to procrastinate.

1. Started to lose water late this summer

Found / Action
1. A few wks ago found a "V" cut in the liner, at bottom of pool (Width of V approx 1 inch, Height maybe 1 or 1.5 inches.)
2. Patched this hole
3. Continured to lose water
4. Other day, found another similiar "V" cut?????????

1. As the Pool Cleaning Pole is approx. 1 inch diameter, I concluded it being the culprit (someone poking the pool liner with no attachment on the Pole)
2. With the 1st "V", I wrote it off, accidental, whatever, life.
3. With the 2nd "V", I've become angry and interrogating / accusing family members, etc. (Yes, there are teenagers, occassional parties)
4. Not making friends at the moment.

Advice seeked
1. Looking for feedback confirming or offering other explainations about my conclusions. Could I be off base? Could the wrinkles stretching whatever cause what appears to be a perfect "V" cut???


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