cant find inground liner leak no visable damage to sidewalls

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cant find inground liner leak no visable damage to sidewalls

Postby slavepupy » Sat 04 Nov, 2006 10:52

my pool is losing an inch of water every few days. it is 8 feet deep pool with shallow end. right now the level is at the bottom of the shallow end. i dont feel any water behind the liner right now which leads me to believe its somewhere on the bottom. what should i do? let it keep draining til it stops to find the leak? will this damage my liner? it doesnt seem to be pulling away from the edge except in the corners just a bit.


Postby Ickle » Thu 23 Nov, 2006 11:40

The last thing i think you should be doing is draining the liner, either by letting it leak or pumping it out, unless you Vac back the liner.
Do you have a sump/main drain in the bottom of your pool? The level at which the water is, is it below the skimmer and return lines?
A leak at the rate you are talking is a major one, but it may only be the size of a pen point. How old is your liner, if it is old and you have no underlay, it may have a pepper pot like effect on the liner, in which case a new liner would be needed.
If you can reply to my questions above i shall see if i can help at all.

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