Leak @ Multi-port valve, Spider gasket replacement

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Leak @ Multi-port valve, Spider gasket replacement

Postby miker1755 » Wed 06 Dec, 2006 20:27

I am trying to replace the spider gasket in my multi-port valve. It was apparently put together with excessive glue and the old gasket comes apart before it comes out of the seating track. I am trying to figure out the best way to remove the old gasket cleanly as I am concerned about a decent seal when I put the new one in. I have been told a small screwdriver but that gouges the plastic and still leaves glue and rubber residue. I was told acetone but that doesn't seem to really help either. Any other big ideas?

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Postby dynamictiger » Thu 07 Dec, 2006 16:10

Sorry to hear your issue.

Normally a spider gasket is held in by glue on the bottom of the gasket only. Some can be very difficult indeed to repair. The best resuts are with a screwdriver without being so agressive the plastic is damaged.

The glue normally used at factories is cyanoacrylate or super glue in various guises.

Persistance and care is the usual solution here.


Postby Guest » Fri 08 Dec, 2006 00:13

don't waste your time. Just buy the inner portion of the valve & you're done.
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Postby Ickle » Sun 10 Dec, 2006 16:48

a standard plane headed screwdriver tends to do the job without the expense of a new multiport section. I tend to find just working at it gently but firmly always does the trick, ive done many in my time. I can take a while and you may scratch and mark the main body, but the new spider gasket will seal most, especially with a small amount of glue to hold it in place.

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