just replasted and needs more water than before

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Typical kidney shaped 1978 home pool with 9 foot deep end, used to have a diving board. Just replastered.

just replasted and needs more water than before

Postby matilf » Tue 08 Jan, 2019 13:09

I just had my pool replastered. It looks great, but I am having to put water in it about twice as often as I did before the replastering. I'm wondering if the light is leaking (it works.) I can't see anywhere else that there could be a leak. They sealed off the drains and the system that went with the drains that was the original pool cleaning whatever (I have used a kreepy since I bought the house four years ago.)
What next? To get anyone out here is at least a $100 service call and I don't know if that will accomplish anything other than being told to get someone else out here for a $100 service call, and etc....

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