loosing water

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loosing water

Postby becky » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 09:08

We have a 16 x 35 inground vinyl pool. The liner was replaced 3 years ago. When we opened the pool this spring, the water level was really low. We have a porous safety cover for the winter and normally we have to drain it in the spring. We tried adding water with our hose but could not get the level past the bottom of the skimmer. It rained and the water level was over the jets one day and now is below the jets about two inches. Our pool company said they can't check for leaks because the water is green and we can't get the water clear without enough water in the pool. We felt all around the pool when it stopped draining and found no holes. Help!!! We figure it might be cheaper to fill it with dirt! Any suggestions?
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