Patching Pool, Hole Grows Before Our Eyes (HELP!)

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Patching Pool, Hole Grows Before Our Eyes (HELP!)

Postby IcyBlueRose » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 20:30

Hi --

We have a brand new, 4,400 gallon above-ground metal frame, vinyl liner pool. We have had it set up for 3 weeks now. Last week we noticed a water leak. We found the hole and patched it with an underwater kit. IMMEDIATELY the hole started growing larger, so we patched over the new parts of the hole. This cycle continues ....

When we put a clear patch on we can see the hole immediately widen. I tested the glue against the side, but that didn't seem to eat at the liner, so I don't know what's wrong.

If you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know ... before too long our new pool is going to be a lost cause!

(p.s. -- chemicals are fine; in fact chlorine levels are low to non-existant at most times, so I don't think it's chemicals doing this)

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Postby Backglass » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 20:58

It sounds to me like the liner was installed incorrectly and is over stretched. Pool liners are usually fairly thick and it would take a sharp object or some serious stretching to get a growing hoe ina a brand new pool. It could also be a defect in manufacturing.

How big is the hole? Pinhole? Pencil sized?

Unfortunately, it sounds like a new liner is in your future. :(

Postby IcyBlueRose » Wed 11 Jul, 2007 18:59

There are now about 5 holes in the liner, each the size of a quarter or 50 cent piece. The pool, as far as I can tell, was installed correctly -- we leveled out the entire area, there are no wrinkles in the bottom. We just put the patch on and the hole grows larger.

Maybe we just got a bad liner, and that spot is too thin. I don't know, but we called the company. So now we have to cut holes out of the liner and send it back to get a new one :(

We have 90 days to do this, however, and by the end of that time swimming season will be over. So we're going to try to keep the holes under wraps until then, and then drain it and install the new liner next year. So if anyone has any ideas about containing the holes so we can get another month or two out of the pool, please let us know!

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