inground liner problem

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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inground liner problem

Postby Done487 » Thu 16 Aug, 2007 17:11

Hi, I have a question of the pool experts here. Our inground pool is aprox 5 years old. We have never had an issue with the liner until this summer. The liner has major wrinkling nearly all around the pool (I've noticed the liner in the corners have air space behind the liner). Also the metal wall has what feels like corrosion under the liner in some spots. We have struggled with water quality nearly each year except this one. We also think there could be a leak. The wrinkling has been evident for a few months. How long should a liner last, what can cause the wrinkling, what can we do about it? I am planning on using the food color test around the pool liner and fixtures but first I need to verify my wife's claim the pool is loosing water (she told me about it today).

Any answers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Postby Backglass » Thu 16 Aug, 2007 19:17

Liner life varies widely and depends on a lot of things including how well you maintain ph, amount of direct sunlight, chlorine levels, etc. Anywhere from 5-15 years is about right.
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