Pool leak fiberglass pool

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Pool leak fiberglass pool

Postby tbendtsen » Sun 03 May, 2009 09:05

I have a fiberglass pool, 1 main drain , 1 skimmer , 2 returns.....
after winter , water level was over returns that were plugged....and above light, and just below skimmer....

When filter comes on by a timmer , there is low water in the filter motor and takes about 10 -15 seconds to fill.....after running I notice small air bubbles in the filter motor ....

When I vacume I shut the main drain and notice on the returns small air bubbles comming out and alot of air bubbbles in the motor.....after a couple of days water level drops and a light coating of mud is in the pool....


Pool leak fiberglass pool

Postby tbendtsen » Mon 04 May, 2009 17:37

I also notice when the filter shuts off the filter basket is full of water , but as I watch it an air bubble comes form the outlet side of the basket. A bubble comes up every minute or so ...
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Pool leak fiberglass pool

Postby ChuckGeo » Thu 07 May, 2009 17:27

Sounds like you might have a leak in the skimmer line. The only way to know for certain is to pressure test that line - contact your local professional for the test. The mud in the pool could be a symptom of a skimmer line leak, especially if you have a sand filter, as a sand filter will allow fine particles to pass through the sand and return to the pool. Is the mud heavier near the return fittings?
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