tile over fiberglass pool walls to end osmosis blisters ?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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tile over fiberglass pool walls to end osmosis blisters ?

Postby Cf996 » Sat 25 Sep, 2021 17:48

Ok guys, so our pool is an old 80s hybrid - the entire bottom is concrete but it has 9 fiberglass walls that are 10 foot long and 3 foot tall that go around the complete pool. A company came out way back in 2000 and did “fibretech” to the whole pool. From what I can tell this means they applied sheets of fiberglass and then gel coated the entire pool, which seems to have held up fairly well. They came back in 2015 and did blister repairs and regel.
My issue is that now we have approx 600+ Osmosis blisters around the side walls.
So, instead of having the blisters removed, reglassed, and re gel coated, knowing that they’re gonna return in a matter of years - why couldn’t I tile the pool walls? Yes I would repair all the blisters first by grinding them out and filling/leveling. Or do you think when the osmosis starts occurring again it would just pop the tiles off? Going off some cost calculations from a place I found called aquabluemosaics.com it sounds like the cost to tile walls is nearly the same as having the blister repair done again.
Plus I can’t even get ahold of the place that did the fibretech. I’ve been calling for 2 months now repeatedly to them and every other pool repair place in Indiana that I can find and have only gotten a return call from 1 person! And unfortunately that person only does gunite services.

Any help or advice is super appreciated!

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Re: tile over fiberglass pool walls to end osmosis blisters ?

Postby Teapot1 » Mon 27 Sep, 2021 10:34

How about fitting a liner, you cold attach dense foam or felt to the glass fibre and then a liner.

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