Pebblecrete finish quality

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pebblecrete finish quality

Postby TAS1981 » Sun 18 Sep, 2022 23:43

Hi all

We’ve just had a pool built (Sydney, Australia) and over the weekend the Pebblecrete finish went in. It’s 28,000 litre pool with a largish step at one end and a couple of smaller steppers to get in and out.

My expectation is that these steps should be straight and fairly precise, within reason …

The main step looks like it was done in a rush with no care to making it straight, square and it waves in and out along the edge. The steps are the same but not as noticeable as smaller. The shape of the pool is sort of an L with the internal corner of the L creating vertical edge – this edge is straight for the waterline tile of 20cm, but below that it curves away from the straight instead of following a nice straight line to the bottom.

The rest of the pool has been finished to a really good standard but I’m not happy with the Pebblecrete finish. I’m not sure if it’s the underlying formwork/concrete shell being out or whether the Pebblecrete itself and whether it could have been squared up with the final finish.

I’m going to raise it with the pool builder that I’m not happy but I’m not sure what can actually be done in any case??

I had hoped I would not notice it once filled but I can. And the Pebblecrete team took off sharp before I could get to them.

Any advice? Is this usual and am I being too picky?

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