Need advice for pool installation

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Need advice for pool installation

Postby JamesForth » Mon 11 Jul, 2016 07:07

We are in the process of buying a new pool. One of the pool companies offers us a “free” upgrade to a Gunite vinyl pools. Gunite vinyl pools claims to be environmentally friendly. Gunite pools are designed and built on site, and as a result, the design possibilities are nearly endless. Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, are prefabricated to a specific shape and then brought to the site in a single piece to be dropped into the hole for the pool. Additionally, gunite pools are very sturdy and because of the steel framework, retain their shape over a long period of time.I saw certain layouts. But is it true?

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Re: Need advice for pool installation

Postby marvinwalters » Sat 29 Oct, 2016 00:53

I prefer fiberglass pools.
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Re: Need advice for pool installation

Postby Poonamdpi » Wed 07 Jun, 2017 06:59


If you want to install the pool then you should follow some steps such as:
1) Choose the right contractor.
2) You need to select the location for the pool.
3) Set the budgets for the pool.
4) Select the types of pool. There are much different design and style available in the market for the pool.
5) You will need to check and see what local safety codes require.

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