Composite Fiberglass or Re-plaster?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Composite Fiberglass or Re-plaster?

Postby gekkie96 » Thu 16 Mar, 2017 15:08

Hello forum,

I'm new here and need some assistance for a complete remodel of our pool.
Our pool has some cracks and leaks in a few different areas and was drained 4 months ago. We are now in the process of hiring someone to fix the cracks, redo the plaster, tile, coping, lights, sheer descents and other items.

I have met with a few company's and got bids to do the job and all have recommended new plaster except for one company who recommends a fiberglass composite solution. I have never heard of this but this company thinks its the best solution and gives a 15 year warranty on cracks with it. While other company's do not offer any warranties on cracks with re-plastering.

The way the fiberglass composite solution was presented to me sounds like its the better solutions for our pool but I have no idea. I assume there are pros and cons to both solutions and I'm looking for someone experienced to share their thoughts.

Thanks in advance,

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