Fiberglass or gunite???

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Re: Fiberglass or gunite???

Postby Poonamdpi » Mon 28 Aug, 2017 03:29

Fiberglass pool are very quick and easy to install. Installation of a gunite pool is much more complicated, as all the work is done onsite. Whereas a fiberglass pool can be installed in a matter of days, concrete pools typically take weeks or even months.

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My Pool: I’m looking at getting a Viking Fiberglass Pool or a Gunite with PebbleTec finish. I’d like to here pros and cons of both. I here fiberglass is easier to maintain and clean but I’ve also heard that the PebbleTech finish can do the same thing.

Re: Fiberglass or gunite???

Postby fdasilva » Sun 29 Jul, 2018 16:03

We are looking to install either a fiberglass by Viking or a Gunite with the PebbleTech finish. In the research I’ve done it seems like fiberglass is easier to clean and maintain in the long run. But with the quotes I’ve gotten from our local Gunite pool company they can install the same size pool with the PebbleTech finish and it almost never needs replastering and needs less cleaning due to the smoother finish. I’m not sure if this is true. Both have lifetime warranties on the structure and the pool surface. They are about the same in cost. Please let me know any information on these. Thank you! fdasilva
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Re: Fiberglass or gunite???

Postby Teapot » Mon 30 Jul, 2018 06:33

Pebbletech is nowhere near as smooth as fibreglass. Pebbletech needs more management of chemical levels. Much easier to look after a fibreglass pool.

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