acid wash to level out plaster color of new pool

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acid wash to level out plaster color of new pool

Postby cari » Mon 18 Sep, 2006 15:15

We have a new pool and the plaster is a very dark blue. The color is very inconsistent, and they are recommending an acid wash to even the color? Any experience with this or cautions?

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Postby geeman » Wed 18 Oct, 2006 14:28

all colored plasters experience what is known as mottling. this is due to the white "cream" that is left on the plaster surface when troweling. not noticable on white plaster but very apparent on colored surfaces. this is not a defect but definately something your contractor should have informed you of. acid washing may remove some of the mottling but will wear on the surface slightly-if done properly and should be drained and refilled in the same day. if too much acid is used, it may severely etch your smooth plaster leaving it rough. sanding also removes mottling and leaves the surface smooth. under water, water powered sanders are available.

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